China International Swimwear Show


Create a 365-day "swimming" cloud trading platform that does not end

       2020 is a difficult year for the swimwear industry in Xingcheng. The spread of the global epidemic has made swimwear companies and brands "struggling", seeking various resources to explore business opportunities.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Huludao and Xingcheng two-level party committees and municipal governments have been actively looking for "opportunities" in the face of the "crisis", implementing precise policies and building confidence for enterprises to tide over difficulties. Integrating the advantageous resources accumulated in offline exhibitions and the successful experience of exploring informatization over the years, the China International Swimwear Show (Cloud Show) "born with the trend". At present, there are already more than 360 companies and independent designer platforms from all over the world including the United States, Germany, Italy, the Philippines and other countries, including Taiwan, 14 provinces and 41 cities in China-Wutongxie, Jiangsu Guanyun underwear, Shanghai swimming pool, smart Hanging and other exhibitors.

Since the mini program of the Swimsuit Show (Cloud Show) was launched on August 6th, supply and demand information has been exchanged and discussed enthusiastically among the exhibitors. It is understood that the transaction volume within the supply chain alone has reached more than 30 million yuan, including intelligent cutting beds, cloth spreaders, matching hangers, beach hats and designer signings, and design draft transactions. At the same time, Yunzhan has launched a full-platform publicity for the industry. The official account of China Garment Association CHIC has pushed the publicity of the cloud exhibition, which has accumulated more than 100,000 clicks and reads, covering the domestic and foreign textile and apparel industries; the homepage of the CHIC cloud exhibition applet is a rolling carousel exhibition. Information runs vertically through the industrial chain and forms a closed loop; the China International Swimwear Show public account, headline account, community, circle of friends, forwarding and transforming propaganda cover about 250,000 people, realizing the full coverage of industry propaganda.


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