How to choose and distinguish the pros and cons of swimsuits


How to choose swimsuits and distinguish the pros and cons of swimsuits

Summer is here, people like to go to the beach or swimming pool to cool off the heat. Swimsuits are indispensable when swimming. At present, the prices of swimsuits are uneven. Some people think that swimsuits should be used for a short period of time and should be fashion-oriented, and there is no need to buy good ones. But not to mention the uncomfortable wearing of poor quality, it is easy to cause embarrassing things such as emptying out. So how to choose and distinguish the quality of swimsuits?

First of all, it depends on the density of the swimsuit material, at least a density of 48 stitches or more, so that the fabric can make the swimsuit breathable and not sticky.

How to choose swimsuits and distinguish the pros and cons of swimsuits

Check the label of swimsuit ingredients, among which spandex should account for 18%-20%, and nylon should account for about 80%. These are to ensure that the elasticity index, recovery rate, washing resistance rate, and chlorine resistance of the swimsuit are qualified prerequisites.

The elasticity of a swimsuit is also very important. A good swimsuit does not mean high elasticity, but a good recovery ability. After multiple stretches, the swimsuit can recover well. In this way, it not only prevents the swimsuit from drooping due to the drag force of the water after entering the water, but also prevents the clothes from being too tightly drawn into the skin and causing discomfort. Before buying, it is recommended to try it on first, do some larger exercises, and check whether the swimsuit is always comfortable and close to the body. It is not recommended to buy too tight or too loose.

Using high-quality swimsuits with dyes to avoid discoloration of the clothes in the water, or the dyes fall off and stick to the skin, which will affect your health.

Pay more attention to the splicing of the swimsuit. When the amount of exercise is large, the inferior swimsuit is easy to open the line from the splicing, causing it to run out. When buying, pay special attention to whether the sewing thread at the seam is dense, and try to choose a swimsuit that is strong at the splice.

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